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En doktorand i latin nojar över sin bristande disciplin, hyllar latinets skönhet och älskar det klassiska.
Om man har en fråga, ska man maila latinbloggen yahoo.
This game was developed at the turn of the millennium, and there was a lot of money put into this game 1 billion lire was the sum mentioned, which could be impressive, or the price of a second hand Mazda.
This game has the premise, if I understood it correctly, that the emperors seal has been stolen and you have to find it by walking around Rome, it was set during antiquity, and finding clues and stuff.
That kind of game model must have a specific name?
All I can say is that it was a very pretty game, and several historical statues, mosaics and other authentic artefacts had been added, my limited gamer experience prohibits me from saying much more.
This game did however never reach the market, despite two years of work; there was no financial strength to distribute the game.
Even though this was a discouraging tale, I do hope more classicists are hired by the gaming industry!
The final presentation of the first day came highly recommended, several people had told me to make special note of this presentation, which the presenter himself was very glad that I told him after his paper.
AL spoke about Caesar IV and veracity of its concept and execution.
The object of Caesar IV is to build and govern a provincial city, and to follow the cursus honorum to ultimate glory.
The paper discussed the picture transmitted of antiquity in this game, and how it reflects our views of antiquity.
There was also ample mention ofsuch as that his views on history are similar to that of Caesar IV or could it perhaps be the other way around?
Other things were also said to be incorrect, as architecture; schools did not really exist as such, and the large chimneys are completely anachronistic.
He concluded with the warning that we as the experts of this are loosing control of what is represented of antiquity, fact and fiction are becoming increasingly blurred, which led to an interesting discussion.
It was said that there is a kind of Catch 22 for game designers- you are scrutinized much harder if you strive for authenticity, and the harder you try, the more criticism you receive.
I honestly tried to retire early, as soon as dinner concluded, but was dragged by some nefarious Norwegians some of whom hadn't enjoyed the foie gras to a local brewery, and made to sample the produce, and while I thank them all for a lovely time, I do ask; was the whiskey really necessary?
In games taking placing in our time and world it can sometimes be used for flavour, especially in those involving the occult.
Here the hero might read ancient texts to find hidden secrets or even be part of a puzzle.
This is most common in games, the series to use an old example.
Another usage is that of reference point or inspiration.
The studio well, it seems mostly to be one guy first self-developed game was very good, I look forward to this one immensely.
The developer hasmostly about his product but also with some thoughts on game design in general.
The "always already ruins" discussion great title btw above, was very interesting, but I would like to add an observation about the standard version of the fantasy world.
These are of course only in-world explanations, but still not completely unreasonable.
That sense of decayed grandeur and failed hubris that may be redundant the poem Ozymandias conveys does make for a nice background feeling.
Many fantasy worlds also have an old language, sometimes remarkably similar to Latin in tone, style or apperance as well, in which ancient, dangerous but powerful texts may be found.
Most fabulously though, she has appeared been a commentator and object of charm for the Norwegian reality show translates to Charm schoolwhich naturally is some young men trying to learn the art of charm and seduction.
See her explaining the steps outlined by Ovid, such as hygiene being an important factor; trimming your nose hairs, cleaning your teeth etcand impressing the youngsters of this charm school with her degree that is the main reason women want graduate degrees, to impress guys.
Anyhoo, her paper tide in nicely with the as they both dealt with the theater of Pompey, this one in a different fashion.
Here it rather was how such virtual imaginings can be used in research other than the history of theater and such.
This theater, dedicated to Venus Victrix, was once the most monumental building in Rome, and source models have been attempted for all kinds of purposes in the academia.
Such reconstructions do also have their uses in philology.
The paper was an attempt to trace similarities between the portico, probably filled with new and ancient statues, surrounding the theater and the Heroides of Ovid, which might have borrowed imagery and characters form this collection of marble portraits.
Visualisation of this portico is of course difficult as both written and archaeological sources are sketchy.
Speculating about the statues, their order and identification, brings a contemporary tie-in to the Heroides, which has earlier been hard to give some kind of political slant.
Once again coffee, and I think I fell asleep for a few minutes during the break not that many hours of sleep the night beforebut before that, I finally met my long time correspondent Magnus E, who, as you should know, led the student protests against the cut-backs of classical languages in Trondheim.
And sorry for mixing spellings of theatre and theater.
This first part could be said to be the theoretical framework and historical reasoning for the second part, that was to present the virtual, reconstructed theatres and their uses, and we thus were treated to an overview of historical and philosophical back-story.
This moving through an imaginary castle is similar to computer games, and like in such a world of illusion we hold ourselves in place by memory, and memory was held by illusion.
Moving on to the second part of the presentation by HD, from the wonderfully namedand we were shown these fascinating recreations of roman theatres.
They have placed some of these inyou can watch them being built, but also interact with said buildings.
Some other interesting results have emerged in working with the placement of frescoes in roman homes.
Roman wall panting were not about pictures, they were about space.
Walking in to such a panted room changed your perception of space of reality, and they were an intermedial blending of an art gallery and theatre, an imagined extension of the villa space, and in visualizing the preserved paintings and similar rooms quite a few new arrangements have been suggested.
There ahs also been efforts to stage plays on these virtual theatres.
By filming actors in front of a blue screen, one has been able to place some action on these ancient and missing stages.
The theater of was specifically discussed, which is relevant for the next paper, and the whole science in general of visualisations such as of.
This was a incredibly presented paper, thanks is both due to the dramatic reading of RB who I had the great fortune of sitting next to at the fancy conference dinner and greatly entertained me with stories of past Yale-days, and run ins with future presidents and presidential candidatesand the passion and enthusiasm of HD, which was quite catching.
Well, Yahoo games chess online play been totally and utterly beaten in the blogging of the illustrious ""-conference.
My esteemed colleague in the blogosphere of classics and partner in crime in when it comes to "finding your way back to the hotel in icy Trondheim after trying all the microbrews" Andrew Reinhard, has already done a excellent and neat of the conference, and I don't see how I can surpass that.
But, as stubborn stupididty rather is my own crowning glory, I will continue, but not today.
And what is real history?
This guild was attacked during the service by another guild, and this has apparently become an historic occasion, with the film of the deed gathering more then 3 million viewers on youtube since 2006.
This is history, as it is a point of reference, something apparently worth chronicling and retelling, even though the incident is completely virtual, except perhaps for the external fact that brought it on, and here I could digress into something external versus internal, and who actually is the agent of this story, avatar or person, but am anxious to get toand thus moving on.
This apparently all ties in to Herodotean reported speech The example of Scyllias, in 9.
At the time of the shipwreck off Mount Pelion he had recovered for the Persians a great part of what they lost; and at the same time he had taken care to obtain for himself a good share of the treasure.
He had for some time been wishing to go yahoo games chess online play to the Greeks; but no good opportunity had offered till now, when the Persians were making the muster of their ships.
In what way he contrived to reach the Greeks I am not able to say for certain: I marvel much if the tale that is commonly told be true.
Now many things are related of this man which are plainly false; but some of the stories seem to be true.
My own opinion is that on this occasion he made the passage to Artemisium in a boat.
Similar discussion followed for other passage of Herodotus, once again showing how the implausible is related, and then pointing to the credulous, how the re-enactment of the event is not the actual point, but rather emphasizes the tradition once again reception!
There exist several versions of this mentioned attack, many reworked with commentary sometimes in musical formyahoo games chess online play ongoing interpretation and contextualisation.
Or something like that, am probably going to come back and purge, rewrite the narrative, give new shape and tradition… For the next paper my notes are better, and thankfully, it was quite visual, as this was the ultimate presentation before lunch, and we all know how energy levels at times drop at thet hour, but DL held our interest once the PowerPoint started to work.
The first category was called Reconstruction, with the subtitle The past is a foreign country or It was new then, is represented by pristine, new buildings, appropriately enough, as you the player usually builds them, in games such as Rome:Total War, Caesar IV and empire simulation games almost always Romanmaking the player a contemporary to the buildings.
The second, with the subtitle It is ruined now, was designated as Heritage, and usually has some paring of the present and the past, as being set in a museum or archaeological dig, and thus alludes to the long gone antiquity.
The buildings are ruins, sometimes not only to highlight the legendary aspect Tomb Raider, Legendary, Barrow Hill et albut also to give a framework of the past, especially if the game is actually set in the past, and the ruins are an easily accessible signal that, hey, this is antiquity!
The third category carries the self explanatory title of Destruction, with instant ruins, and turning buildings into ruins.
Examples shown were from Spartan: Total warrior the back-story, an attack on Rome by the Spartans in the age of Tiberius, drew quite the merriment from the audience, as did the Aztecs attacking the Greeks in Black and White 2.
The final and largest group was categorized as Fantasy, with the subtitle Was ruined then, and rather presenting the idea that the Romans or whatever, lots of fantasy in this group lived among ruins.
The ruins are naturally portrayed as ruins even in their contemporary setting because they have always been ruins, we all know that ruins are classical, and one cannot imagine them new.
Also, ruins are prettier.
Yes, an actual aesthetic choice perhaps, ruins have pathos and tie in to that 19-century romantic thing, etc, see below, with the idealized fantasy that is already ruined In this category some quite ancient he!
I'm reluctant to try to find links for games, as people who are interested probably can find better ones than this dilettant, but I will serve som Shelley: I met a traveller from an antique land What follows in my account of the conferencewhich took place in Trondheim, Norway, 20-21 February.
It is an utterly brilliant idea to invite someone to blog a conference which in some way deals with reception here of antiquityas you then get the reception of the conference blogged, and thus present an interesting sort of meta-reception on the reception.
I was greeted by the kind organizers, who promised to pay for the cab, and was then seated in time for the kick-off.
Before the first presentation, the chairperson of this first session pointed out that this perhaps was the first conference of its kind, at least as organized by classists, and then unleashed the fabulous Dr D on us all.
His paper was a sort of introduction for those of us not well versed in media- and gaming- so called ludology, and briefly discussed such approaches to virtual gaming.
He had also done an analysis of British media in the last few months, citing reports that games will eventually eclipse other media, that the gaming industry claims that all other media industries such as television, movies, etc, are stagnant or contracting, with the gaming industry being the only and fastest expanding.
There are three characteristics that play must have, namely: 1.
Play is free, freedom, 2.
Is not ordinary or real life, and 3.
Play is distinct from ordinary life regarding location and duration, all of which more or less can be applied to computer games.
We also looked at Social science approaches to games, what effects they have on people, and how do people create and negotiate a game.
In such a discussion the constant question of computer games being good or evil reared its head, and such aspects as having to fulfil something to get to the next level were put forward as something good no one pointed out that one can cheat and likewise that involvement in multiplayer games apparently makes people reflect more in identity.
Of course, educational values were mentioned, but I would have liked to see the theories of at least touched upon.
Moving on to the Humanities approach to gaming, one there looks at the meaning and context of games, what meaning is made through the use of games, the studying games as artefacts, and games as medium.
This is done using the critical analysis, rhetoric and vocabulary already established in the humanities, something that is questioned by ludologists, who say we have to introduce a new vocabulary.
Finally, there is the industry and engineering approach, involving the understanding the designs and development of games, that is how to make better games, and also games as drivers of technological innovation such as graphics or whateverand the self-historic aspect of the industry, with branch-magazines looking back, discussing and at times idolizing its past.
I do enjoy a good Mann shout-out.
The next paper was by someone who was actually an expert in game studies in the field of media studies, himself pointing out the horror that no one can actually define game or media precisely, with a paper on the game.
We were treated to several clips, and as it was pointed out that GoW such a professional abbreviation is one of the most violent in history, the clips did make sense.
It was said that the violence was always in contexts.
The games relations to Greek mythology were outside the scope of the paper, but seemed quite freed from any such constraints.
A rather telling and hilarious moment was the asking for a show of hands of how many in the learned audience had actually played it, and the lecturers outdrawn OOOOkaaaayyyy following it, which led to an explanation of the basic story of the game.
Which you can find There is that messing with sources, some made up symbolic imagery, and plenty of blood.
Also, failure and death are closely related in games, however things can be changed that have lead to death, you can do this in games, you are even asked to!
I will start posting about the fabulous conference later today, it was too intense and busy to really post anything of substance here during the actual proceedings.
Let me just thank the wonderful hosts and organizers, the stimulating lecturers and participants, and a special shout-out to the lovely students of NTNU and a certain bookstore!
What makes an accurate model?
In another, perhaps more interesting one; what results are the correct ones?
Furthermore; how do we know?
Begging the first and last question for now, let us consider the model as a no, not that kind.
Stuff is put into the box, stuff comes out.
We cannot see what goes on in there I promise, though; no cat and no radioactive substances.
Now, do we want the same stuff to come out no matter what we put in?
No, that seems strange, surely, not to mention boring.
As a player we want our actions to matter, as a predictor we want to be able to find out what would happen under several different starting conditions.
Restricting the scope in place or time, or involving predecided events outside the workings of the read more game engine that help restrict the outcomes to the accepable ones.
A more elegant method is involving selfcorrecting, and plausible, functions in the model; one of the most common problems is in strategy games is one empire becoming so large and militarily strong it becomes irresitable; common methods to balance this are corruption costs for increased size, troops costing more above a certain level and m aking the artifical intelligence playing the other nations increasingly hostile as you rampage across the map.
I would write more about it, but someone else Unfortunatly in swedish, but if you can read it, I highly reccomend it.
Anyways; it is there revealed comments that not only has he plays and enjoys games since many years back but also in the comments section that he designed strategy games once upon a time and what I choose to interpret as a promise to do so again.
The game he writes about in that first article is Europa Universalis.
An award winning 4X game series by a swedish developer.
It deals with the rise of the modern world, with the focus on Europe duhbeginning in 1492 or 1453 or 1415, depending on the version spot the events at the different dates!
The first and second games used scripted events to replicate major historical happenings the Habsburg inheritence f or instancecertain predetermined possible start dates and a set line of kings and queens with the historical dates of rule with a few possible exceptions.
Far more cleanly, the latest version makes all events, regents, inheritence and so on a part of the game engine.
This makes for in some less historical gameplay Charles V may never become king of Spain or Emperor but in some ways more realistic No Habsburg inheritence possible unless there has been a royal marriage between Spain and Austria.
It also lets you start at any date during the time period with a historical starting position.
All this would still not motivate mentioning the game here.
Thankfully Paradox recently put out a new game called EU:Rome and its expansion Vae Victis.
This deals with the the time from 280 to 27 BC and the rise of rome, although you can play.
No tactical b attles here, just the complex basic modell from the EU III game combined with character driven intrigue and politics inspired by another, earlier paradox game.
There are troops, trade, war, colonization and more, mostly, to my eyes, quite adequatly depicted with a few reservations.
Lets linger awhile on the internal politics, something that strategy games has had trouble presenting in a realistic, immersive and entertaining way.
Exactly how it works depends on your form of goverment.
Here, if y ou have a republic, you elect a consul, apoint censors, praetor, army and navy questors as well as pontifex maximus.
As a last resort there is imprisonment or the ubiquitous assasination option.
Very much a outlook, which one quickly internalizes, swearing loudly over the damn populists and their shortsighted policies, that simply do not grasp the fundamental interests at stake.
Sometimes this even leads to land reform!
Their loyalty to the republic, which can lead to a rebellion if it becomes too low, is also affected by being slighted, being removed from office, if their personal enemy happens to be consul or if they have legions who are loyal to them temptation.
Try to remove them from their position, or prosecute them and they might just rebel if their loyalty is low enough.
What are the reservations mentioned then?
Well some minor changes have been made, presumably for playability purposes; there is only one consul, he is elected for 2 years etc.
The major problem is one that has plauged this game developer for a long time, but that seems to be getting worse.
Paradox is a small company and thus cannot afford the extensiv prelaunch testing other companies practice, instead they release their game and patch it with upgrade files repeatedly afterwards To be fair; they do this for free, quickly and usually add completely new features as well based on the input from the community.
This does however meen their games are released with minor defects and a certain lack of balance.
No, I mean the loyal fans, active in the for the games, who endlessly play, discuss and help improve the games.
They post after action reports detailing their exploiteach one a history of a parallel world, some well written, some.
I will post my final entry here on my Monday, tomorrow I rest, Tegularius.
A modern concept perhaps, an effect of nationalistic ideology and industrialism, first seen in the First World War.
A state where everything is subordinated to the cause of war, all production, civil society and the state dedicated to that same purpose.
It has been argued that similar mobilizations have occured earlier, perhaps in the revolutionary and Napoleonic wars of France, pehaps in the final years of Charles XII in Sweden before someone finally put him, and the swedish people, out of there misery under.
Reading ancient history it can seem as if it is far older than any of these examples; Sparta or Rome at times, both seem like societies pretty dedicated to warfare.
It started in medieval Japan with Shogun:TW, went to europe in the same era with Medieval:TW and then finally arrived in the ancient world with Rome:Total War.
The basic concept is a combination of manouvering on a large scale strategic map, where you move armies, build units, buildings and manage taxes and trade, with tactical like strategy, but not Kumbaya, from the greek; Taktikē, the art of organizing an army battles in real time.
There are, you see, two main versions of the strategy game; those where things happen as time passes with both sides acting at once and those where they players take turns, usually with the actions of each being resolved one after another.
Chess is an example of turnbased games, even if most strategy games limit moves per piece and turn rather than moves per side and turn.
The wonderful thing about the Total war series is that the RTS element is pausable; whenever you feel the nedd you can halt the action and give commands.
Furthermore it ignores the third.
In the Civilization game when you want to attack an enemy unit you simply move it onto the other and the whole thing is resolved abstractly.
In TW this instead transports you to a tactical battlefield where you manouver your cohorts of hastati, principe and triarii against the opponents war elephants and phalanxes to, well, kill them and make them run, and then hunt them down just as in the real world, it is during the retreat the most losses are taken.
Well that, and conquering the world.
Instead you games x play to men online more advanced units by growing your cities and building training camps, archery ranges and stables.
I will however note that the game does contain two versions of the roman army, the pre- and post-marian reform variants länk.
The reform is triggered by a scroll down to the heading "Concerning thy realm if thou does don the Toga in the game and before you have the traditional version with three different infantry types mentioned above and of course velites as skirmishers and after word you have the professional legionary-the rock hard troop that built the empire.
An interesting twist is that if you play as a roman you in fact paly as one of the great families of roman; the Julii, the Brutii or the Scipii.
Your family members, born and adopted, can get elected as praefect, quaestor or consul depending or your standing with the senate.
To keep the esteemed elders happy you play games online unblocked missions for them, such as capturing cities or other violent things the game includes assasins, not advised for sensitive viewers.
To win you have to build your popularity with the people so they one they can back you when you turn against the senate, defeat the other great families, take Rome and the expand the empire to include a certain number of provinces.
You can also play as other factions, Gauls, Carthaginians War elephants!
You can trade with other factions, even make alliances, but sooner or later you usually end up fighting them and hopefull taking over there cities when you do one of the options presented is exterminate-personally, I think those those Etruscans had it coming.
All this invites a certain amount of idintification with your electronic puppets and some roleplaying.
Your family members gain traits and abilities based on what happens; if elected consul you become more respected and better at commanding, run away from battles and you become known as a coward and your men will run away more easily, win battles to become a better commander, spend time in a city with an academy to become educated or govern a large and rich city to turn decadent, wine-soaked and lazy.
You also attract followers, everything from mentors to misstresses to miners.
It also translate to greater immersion and a stronger emotional engagement with what happens to your faction; it is very satisfying to become emporer, and even more so to sack rome as Carthago in revenge for what will länk sack of kartago in your.
This feeling of being there or being somone else someone cool-and what is online slot game play than war elephants?
Was that what I meant with the quote yesterday?
Sweet escape, an or circus for our times?
We go to great lengths to acheive this in other ways, in all the arts.
It is good practice for being ourselves, after all.
There are two expansions Barbarian Invasions about the fall of the Empire and Alexander about, well, guess.
Find out more at in.
Oh, in addition, agreeing with the previous speaker, I think Wagering battleship game play online battleship game play online: bil Home of the underdogs should be resurrected.
Det är jag som är Dunderklumpen, både användare och utvecklare av dataspel, jag har därför fått i uppgift att skriva några rader om antika spel.
Det som slog mig är att det i stort sett finns två sorters antika spel, tre om man räknar spelen som släpptes innan 90-talet go Pacman!
Dels finns det spel som knyter an gamla makter i krigsstrategispel, bygg upp en bas, samla resurser, producera trupper och slåss med dina onda grannar, exempel på det är Civilization, Rome, Ceasar, Age of Empires.
Det finns säkert flera skäl till dess popularitet, spelaren vill känna sig delaktig i att bygga upp saker från början, de tidiga civilisationerna känns mystiskt lockande med en slags "det var bättre förr"-romantik, det är en viss känsla av realism till skillnad från liknande spel med rymd- och robottema och det ligger långt tillbaka i tiden så det blir inte så obehagligt när man utplånar halva kontinenter vem bryr sig om några Etrusker hit eller dit?
Den andra typen av spel som knyter an antiken är spel som utnyttjar de mytologiska elementen, avengers online games play 3d bästa sättet att få en handling till sina spel är att stjäla en gammal genomarbetad saga som man vet har fungerat i tusentals år.
Alla vill vara hjälten som mot omöjliga odds dödar eller överlistar det ena vidundret värre än det andra och till slut efter många om och men äntligen får sin belöning i form av vackra, väna och villiga kvinnor eller guld, ära och berömmelse, gärna en klapp på axeln från gudarna hur kul är det med bara en gud egentligen, ju fler gudar desto bättre, alltid hittar man någon som passar sin personlighet.
Exempel är God of War, Prince of Persia och så en bortglömd godbit som hette Odyssey, ett spel där man löste gåtor och använde rätt sak ex.
Poseidons Treudd på rätt ställe för att komma vidare.
Detta spelade jag i början av 90-talet och jag kommer ihåg att det var mycket underhållande.
I mitt försök att hitta mer information om detta spel på nätet gick jag till den klassiska sajten "Home of the underdogs", som sedan 1998 har samlat mängder av abandonware dvs spel som inte går att få tag på längre då företagen som gjort dem lagts ner, det är alltså ett gigantiskt spelmuseum med underdogs som en eldsjäl har tagit på sig att skapa, en otrolig kulturskatt som inte fått ett öre i statligt kulturstöd, en riktig Herkulesbedrift som tyvärr visade sig vara ett fruktlöst Sisyfosarbete eftersom sajten inte existerar längre!
According to a message posted on Twitter by the site's owner, this was because of the webhost's bankruptcy.
Dessa spel kan eventuellt finnas utspridda på andra ställen men troligtvis har stora mängder av dem gått förlorade för alltid.
Detta är alltså en modern tids Alexandrianskt bibliotek som raserats pga bristande resurser och att vi inte ser sakers värde förrän det är försent.
Having given my best years and braincells to computer games I feel eminently qualified to answer the blogstresses call and write a little about them.
My particular poison is strategy games.
To begin with I will write a little about what a strategy game is, illustrating with examples from perhaps the greatest game se ries of a ll times.
Strategy the word itself of course from the greek, Strategos; a leader of an armygames are about exactly that, i.
Before computer versions there were board games, such as chess, Monopoly and far more complex ones link to the civilization board game wiki.
Often the theme is military, conquest or more generally guidi ng a nation, or even a civilization through war, peace and what lies inbetween.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, brings us to the game.
I still remember the first time I played it; I was 11 and at a friends house.
I think that experience forever decided the course of my life.
That was the first in the series, which now includes 3 directone Nietzschean titelwisevariants, mods, scenarios, expansions and countless rippoffs.
What is so great about it?
It set the standard for the ; games where y ou explore, expand, exploit and exterminate but in a.
You then gather resources and build military units, discover technologies, build new cities, defend against barbarians, make contact with other civ ilizations and deal with them in a peaceful or warlike manner.
You can trade, make treaties, spy or just hit them with a big club-or later, tank.
And yes, all you caeser-crazed classicists, out there, you can play as the Romans.
You get to be Julius Caeser The pic ture i s from the latest game in the series!
In the original game the Egyptians are not even led by Cleopatra They are in some later versionsthough.
This is however basically cosmetic, it makes no difference in game terms.
Normally you play on a randomly generated, but earthlike, wo rld, but you can play on the old familiar map as well.
Kinda takes the joys out of exploringthough.
At a certain point in the game you might find yourself with a civilization looking like the classical roman soceity; aqueducts, soldiers armed with iron swords, roads law play winter games online inom your cities, temples keepin g your pop ulation content and calm, corruption affecting your border provinces where barbarians raid, your republic slowly becoming too expensive to maintain, forcing a change to a monarchy.
The interesting thing is of course the model; the fact that the game tries to simulate h ow a soceity works, how increased trade leads to technological advances, population growth occurs because of food surpluses, the effect of roads allows faster troop movements but also increases trade-as the romans knew, ro ads make an empireform of goverment democracy gives the most trade but makes the military cost more and means you cannot go to war when ever you want to.
As I stated ealier the whole point is using your limited resources to get what you want.
If you want to conquer your neighbour, you need an army preferably better armament than the enemy, to get this you need to dicover the iron working technology and also create cities with high production so you can build the units.
Since one wants to do well, one is forced to learn this model.
In learning to play the game, we internalize its underlying ideas of.
Behind this lurks, of course, a criticizable view of the world.
For example, it postulate a pretty l inear view of progress that varies little from one civilization to another it also postulates progress.
Furthermoreyou win the game by 1.
Nevertheless, I believe that playing this game and other has given me a better understand ing of history and the processes governing it; better a flawed model, than no model at all.
I could argue further tha t this gives a different, in some ways more immediate understanding than merely reading history or economic or un der sciences; in being forced to apply an internalized understanding, manipulate a model, you get a feel for the con nections that only doing in what ever subject, compare it to solving mathematical problems, handling a computer or commanding an army can give you; no amount of theory can do the same.
To answer your question; yes, I be lieve our should be required to log at least 100 hours on appropriate games before being allowed to play with reality.
But forget about all that; models, greater undersatanding, yadda, yadda.
Be warned; t he game invitesyou sit down to play, and suddenly five hours have just disapeared.
There are other arguments and resons for playing games, I will return to the subject later.
For now though a quote which makes the most fundamental arguemnt better than I ever could.
This is what is decisive; in this self-positing transendence of objectivity one comes precisely to oneself, in a dimension of freedom denied in labor.
If anyone can spot the alteration and identify the writer of the original I will give you a computer game.
Maybe Civilization 4, maybe something else if you already have that.
Send your answers one per person to latinbloggen yahoo.
For those wanting more about the Civ series I recomend.
Det kommer antagligen bli viss språkblandning här de närmaste dagarna, då konferensen är engelskspråkig och sålunda kommer även bloggen emellanåt vara så.
Upptakten börjar nu i regi av mina två gäster, och under konferensen kommer inte bara min rapportering att ske utan de tittar eventuellt också in under denna.
Sålunda låt mig presentera de två gästbloggarna, som har två något olika syn på det virtuella och game-iga som är inspirationen.
I proudly introduce Dunderklumpen or DKwho is known to some of you as a intelligent and reuccuring commentor on this blog.
He not only plays computer games, but has had som hand in creating them.
Philology and the world of bibliomancy is forever in his debt, as he is the famed creator of thewhich in a modern manner fullfills all -in society.
I also present to you a newcomer to the whole blog-thing he does not really read thembut as he is the most avid player of strategy games that I know, he was a must for writing of antiquity and computer games.
I give you Tegularius, a ludophile, aspiring ludosoph who dreams of one day being Magister Ludi.
Do be nice to them.
And I, I am the perpetual grad student, lurking, frustrated, trying to figure out how things work.
Först och främst, ni har säkert redan sett den avdelningen i Penguin Great ideas-serien vi har tidigare noterat de blå ochoch ovan ser ni den enda som egentligen berör oss klassiker, ett litet vansinnigt snyggt häfte Plutarchos.
Därefter så insåg jag plötsligt, genom en notis hos som tipsar om Strindberg att det ju ska bli bokrea nu igen det sker verkligen med alarmerande regelbundenhetoch jag kunde inte låta bli att bläddra igenom Hedengrens katalog, samt kasta ett öga på det som Adlibris erbjuder varför inte Bokus?
Vet ej, ids inte.
Bland standardprodukterna denna bokrea som bör komma i fråga på en latinblogg är Goldsworthys Caesar-bio, Kapuscinskis På resa med Herodotos, Gudar och gudinnor i antik mytologi - 100 gestalter och myter du bör känna till vilken konstig och aggressiv titeloch Birger Berghs Konsten att få rätt, som ni hittar i valfri butik, men det intressanta är ju alltid de små undanstoppade russin man kan hitta.
Hos som har starkt barocktema, men vi struntar i dem just nu, trots ev.
Man hittar även Björkesons Homeriska Hymner för 98 kronor och Hippokratiska texter för samma pris.
Om man vill fylla ut med något som inte har med antiken att göra så rekommenderas Demoner-ett Bestiarium för facila 69 kr, Gore Vidals Selected Essays och Betjemans Collected Poems för blott 85 SEK.
Hos Adlibris kan man, skulle man orka bläddra igenom deras slumpmässigt upplaggda reasidor med en obegriplig, oöverskådlig, och förvirrande kategorisering, hitta en eller annan korint för klassiker.
Jag är själv väldigt sugen på trots att det rör sig om svenskaett fynd på 59 kr, och Maud Websters den tidigare Roms vatten.
Från antiken till idag var hemskt fin för blott 79 kronor.
Även det lilla, lilla med såväl latin-engelska som engelska-latin, skulle kunna komma till pass, för latinska konversationsövningar, och är prisvärt på 49 kr.
För någon som ska ta sig an Sallustius finns Ramsays -kommentar för 59 kr, och andra studentips är Literary Texts and the Historian, och Aristofanes' på grekiska ja, jag vet att det står engelska på hemsidan, se istället.
Om man har åtskilliga slantar att lägga finns böcker som and Law in Late Antiquity 669 krThe of Etruscan Society, och The Book of Classical Verse in Translation 629 kr, bl.
Har du än mer att göra av med, så realiseras of the Renaissance för 3159 kr ordinarie pris 5065 kren saftig besparing, och Vatican : An Inventory and Guide to Historical Documents of the Holy See har en rabatt på mer än 700 spänn.
Nu, iuvenes, blir det en smula meta-bloggande, alltså bloggande om bloggnade, en slags meningslös implosion.
Saken är nämligen den, att jag senare i veckan kommer bevista den tidigare nämnda -konferensen i Trondheim i egenskap av bloggare.
Nej, det tillhör i sanning inte det vanliga att bjuda in en bloggare såsom sådan till en konferens, men NTNU tar är ett spännande innovativt grepp med en sådan direktrapportering kanske nordens första bloggade klassikerkonferens?
Jag är naturligtvis djupt smickrad över denna inbjudan apparently I'm big in Norway, och om inte annat skulle elaka tungor kunna kalla mig den svenska latinvärldens svar påoch ser med spänning fram emot evenemanget.
Jag hoppas kunna fylla någon slags relevant funktion, och inte bara göra mig lustig över det notoriska norska kaffet, utan även kanske ha någon fundering över bloggandets roll i akademin om det nu haroch förhoppningsvis fånga stämning och ögonblick.
Dock, ett litet problem i denna rapportering är det där med dataspelen.
Jag är ingen stor spelare av sådant senast var väl första versionen av The Sims, vilket var ett tag sedanoch kommer sålunda släppa lös två gästbloggare som upptakt till konferensen de närmaste dagarna.
Det har, trots min fanatism i fråga om Alla Hjärtans, varit svårt att uppbåda någon enthusiasm för just denna Valentin-dag, mycket beroende på att jag återigen är tokförkyld och institutet är kallt.
Sålunda, men en smula melankoli och innerlig längtan efter varmare väder, vänder vi oss tillen hyggligt yahoo games chess online play latinskt poem, då versen är accentuerad, och dess stoff är oftast beskrivet som oromerskt elleroch beskriver en tredagars fest till Venus ära, såsom check this out, och det hela är väl lite mer fokuserat på fertilitet än vad som kanske är passande på denna dag.
Ni hittar latinet och översättningoch jag ger er denna strof därifrån, utmärkt för ett Valentinkort: En köldknäpp har slagit till och det är återigen vansinnigt kallt här på institutet, men regnet som plågade oss i dagar har dragit förbi, och solsken råder åter.
Regnet var i synnerhet plågsamt för den filminspeling som pågick på Rumänska institutet de se senaste dagarna.
Rumänska institutet är nästgårds, ligger snett nedanför det svenska och är gigantiskt med en orgie i takterasser och pelare och putsad gul fasad.
Tydligen var det mer eller mindre igenbommat under de rumänska krisåren, i synnerhet direkt post-Ceausescu, men har levt upp, och hyr ofta ut sig till filminspelingar, vilket tydligen får deras ekonomi att gå ihop, och häromdagen satte alltså något projekt igång där det rumänska institutet skulle föreställa Roms konstmuseum se bilden ovan, notera regnrusk, och hur banderollen täcker den skylt som anger att detta är just rumänernas hemvistdet är som sagt ganska pampigt.
Det är inte bara det rumänska som tjänat en hacka på att figurera i film, detsom ligger helt nära dyker upp som konstmuseum i Ocean's Twelve?
Nåväl, detta ska inte bli en Rom-blogg, ni vet typen, en liten svenska i stora utlandet och allt otäckt och annorlunda som lurar där låt mig dock konstatera att bristen på fiberberikade havregryn är alarmerandesamt att allt är mycket bättre än i Nacka, och det skulle vi inte hamna i, men låt mig säga att det finns en sak som verkligen gör mig matt här och det är.
Oh, alla dessa äldre italienska män i dessa grönasom med sin vida skärning får dem att framstå som mantelklädda och kungsligt draperade!
Så värdigt; ett plagg att skrida i med händer på ryggen och svårmod i ögonen, så gossaktigt; tänk småpojkar tjurigt förda vid handen till kyrkobesök i vida rockar, så historiskt; kejsare, tsarer och Freud har synts i detta plagg, och denna fläkt av vildmark och friluftsliv mitt i den bullriga, eviga staden är det je ne sais quoi som verkligen för en till extas.
Det finns ju en som prånglas ut till turister i varje hörn med unga präster, the Vaticans finest, men jag menar att den kalender jag planerar, med distingerade och värdiga män i olika lodenrockar skulle var betydligt mer smakligt; solbelysta porträtt av grånad elegans med små faktarutor om vardera rock inköpsdatum etc.
Förutom en viss förvirring det trodde jag att jag var?
Jag tänker inte säga så mycket då redan behandlat detta väl och utförligt.
European Science Foundation som står bakom av tidskrifter kommer nu inte använda det föreslagna systemet efter vissa kontroverser: "The decision came as 61 international journal editors prepared to fire their first salvo of the year against the index.
The editors, of the history of science and science studies journals, said they intended to publish editorials in their first issues of 2009 requesting that their journals be withdrawn from the ERIH, a plan first reported in Times Higher Education last October.
Någon som sett något?
Jag rekommenderar att ni söker Tranérs, Ribbings, Sernskjölds, Stjernecreutz gymnasiekunskaper i latin krävsoch Axel W Perssons det sista för resesugen grecist.



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